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To celebrate the end of our first season with Sensei Steph at Ou En Dojo, we had a nice barbeque with 35 people, a lot of food, drinks and fun. Before dinner Steph gave a speech to thank all of us for being his students. We are happy to be his students so we had a little present for him. With all the members we donated an AFF parachute jump.

Steph will jump alone out of the plane together with 2 experienced jumpers to watch over him. He's starting to be a little bit scary :-) To keep him calm we gave him also a good bottle of wine.

After dinner and some drinking and talking, our own dojo DJ Brek ( Yves San) started to play from a cell phone and spotify till everybody was dancing through the night.

It was an amazing end of season party!!! Thank you Sensei Steph and all students for this nice first year with a new hobby and a lot of new friends!

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